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Wellness trends for 2020

It is now well established that our generation is constantly under stress and having difficulty in coping with it. We are always trying to find new ways that can help us overcome the day to day stress and overwhelming feelings we may experience.

In parallel to that, the wellness industry is constantly growing year after year and becoming an important aspect in our lives. When looking at online search engine data, many well-being trends are emerging.

CBD Products

CBD (cannabidiol) does not contain THC (non psycho-active effects) and is therefore legal. It is available in drops and other forms (edible) and also for skincare, as it contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It calms the skin, reduces acne and redness with cell renewal effects.

Breathing and Yoga Apps

Studies show that practising yoga (or even just breathing) daily, as minimum as 15 minutes per day, boosts energy levels, reduces stress and helps you sleep better. Not having time (or a place) is no longer a valid excuse, as with the availability of technology and in today’s digital world, support for wellness is a click away.

Retreats and Getaways

Whether for a long weekend or a whole week, wellness getaways are increasingly becoming very common and even a necessity, especially if you live or work in the city. Taking some time off from your stress-inducing daily routine is an important contributor to your well-being. Whether a cultural trip, a yoga retreat, an excursion in nature or a relaxing weekend in a luxurious hotel with your favourite book and with some drinks, take the necessary time to plan ahead your year and dedicate time and budget for your well-being.

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