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Treatment of invisible aligners? Advantages and Disadvantages

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Today there is a huge choice of possible methods, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The methods available to the patient also vary depending on the complexity of the case and the position of the initial teeth, with aligner treatment having its limits for complex cases and depending on the patient's expectations. In any case, we have tried to summarize the various advantages and disadvantages of processing transparent aligners. Dental aligners provide many advantages, compared to common treatments, the discreet aspect of this treatment is one advantage among many others. Discretion is obviously the most important advantage. The transparent material of the aligners makes them almost invisible when the patient is wearing them. Treatment with aligners also has the advantage of being almost painless. A small pressure is felt by patients after a change of aligners or after prolonged wearing. However, pain is not common during treatment. The aligners can be easily removed and cleaned with soap and water or with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

In summary here is the list of advantages:

  • Barely visible thanks to the transparent design

  • No pain during treatment

  • Handling and maintenance is simple

  • Additional tooth protection during activities such as sports

  • Modern and efficient technology, moving teeth with certain precision, thanks to a treatment plan with 3D visualization of tooth movements, performed before the start of treatment

  • Teeth movement can be precisely controlled during treatment and changes can be made if necessary

  • Shorter treatment time than conventional methods

The disadvantages of aligners, even if they are minor:

  • When wearing aligners, avoid foods and colors such as black tea, coffee, and sugary drinks. The aligner will discolor and become visible, but also, sugary drinks can promote cavities.

  • Avoid smoking while wearing, it can also discolor your aligner.

  • Sometimes the aligner can cause slight lisp during speech. This can appear after the first few hours, but does not last long.

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