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Foods that keep you warm in winter

Winter is coming... As it prepares to properly settle in, here are a list of some foods that can keep you warm in cold rough days.


Cinnamon increases your body's metabolism and generates heat. Consume it with your drink on a daily basis to get all of its the benefits and its warmth.


It is rich in antioxidants and known as one of the best warming spices. It absorbs moisture excess as well as reduces inflammation when consumed hot. Add a pinch of it in some hot tea or hot milk.


Honey is considered warm by nature and its regular use helps keeping your body warm, it is considered as a great remedy in fighting cold and flu during winter. Use as a substitute to sugar when drinking or cooking.


Ginger increases body resistance in winter and maintains your body warm. It empowers the body to fight against a cold and helps digestion when consumed in small doses every winter day.

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